Adelabu: I’m not Coming to Rubbish Ajimobi’s Legacy

Adelabu: I’m not Coming to Rubbish Ajimobi’s Legacy

By Oluwatobi ‘deeduke’ Adisa

The All Progressives Congress (APC) Gubernatorial Candidate in Oyo State, Chief Bayo Adelabu who is also the Agbaakin Parakoyi of Ibadanland and Aare Soludero of Ado-Awaye yesterday held a Social Media Parley program with the youths and influencers across the social media platforms. The event was an informal setup where he was able to introduce himself and his dream of a better Oyo State and on the reverse, questions were thrown at him on his plan and the way forward for Oyo State in general.

While Speaking, Chief Bayo Adelabu outlined the four cardinals which led to his foray into the world of politics. Firstly, he delved into the positives of the present governor Abiola Ajimobi who have raised the bar in modern politics and how real modern development started from his regime as security of lives and properties bring about modern investors. The sudden shift in the political consciousness of the youths and decent professionals have also uplifted his interest in the politics of Oyo state. Thirdly, his experience and success in politics will serve as a forerunner for other technocrats to follow suit and bring their wealth of experience for the benefit of the people, thereby changing the perception of people about politics and politicians. He rounded it off by mentioning that it will also no doubt renew the legacy of Adegoke Adelabu Penkelemesi whom is still highly regarded as the father grassroots politics.

He maintained that he is in no way negating the legacy of Ajimobi and trumping it with his father’s legacy as people have to been insinuating in some quarters. He said “Ajimobi’s legacy can be seen in infrastructure, health, education (SGB), security, agriculture etc, if you merge the two, you are going to have the best: harmonizing politics of social stimulation with that of development focus and developmental activities, hence, continuity is necessary. I’m using that to clear the air on the Penkelemesi legacy, because the rumors in town is that Adelabu is coming to rubbish Ajimobi’s legacy, nobody can wipe off any name that is accepted or acceptable to the people. Penkelemesi is the father of grassroot politics and Ajimobi is the father of modern politics.”

He also expressed his concern on the need for continuity of Ajimobi’s legacy where he carefully defined the blueprint laid down by the present governor. He likened our present scenario with what played out in Lagos State where former governor, Ahmed Bola Tinubu laid the foundation for a new Lagos. He in fact named himself ‘the Fashola of Oyo State’. The architect of modern Oyo state has been carefully panned out by Governor Ajimobi and he (Adelabu) would have no problem hitting the ground running from the first day of duty come May 29th, 2019.

Many cerebral questions bothering on the economic development of the state were asked and his replies were inclined to his agenda and plans for Oyo state come 2019. The program ended with rousy ovation from the youths while also having a photo shoot afterwards.

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