Mutant goat with human-like face worshipped In India

A mutant goat with an oddly human-like face has been born in Rajasthan, India, and unsurprisingly, it is being worshiped like a god.
Images and clips of the oddball beast have quickly gone viral after they were posted on social media in Rajasthan, India.

Local sources claim it is possible the goat may be revered as an ‘avatar of God’, with animals such as this often attracting a lot of attention in the country.

Goats may be considered a holy animal in India, although Hinduism names the cow, monkey, snake, elephant and tiger among its five holiest animals.

In India, it is common for mutant animals to attract attention as many consider them to be a sign of god, according to local sources.
From a scientific perspective though, it is thought the goat suffers from a rare congenital defect known as ‘cyclopia’, where genes which under normal circumstances create facial symmetry fail to properly express.
Normally, the defect results in a miscarriage or a stillbirth, but the prognosis for the goat now is probably not good, as the condition causes the mouth and nose to form incorrectly, which can lead to eating and breathing difficulties.

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