Tamberma it is!

What comes to mind when you hear the city of Ibadan? The folklores of our ancestors? Or the stories of the thriving entertainment sector? Ibadan has experienced a massive rebirth in recent times, and that can be attributed to the establishment of quality spots in the city.


At the heart of the city of Ibadan, Iyaganku GRA to be precise, sits the best African themed restaurant in Oyo State and arguably in Nigeria. Tamberma offers the kind of ambiance and recipes that are unique to the restaurant.

A trip to Tamberma reveals the carefully planned landscape, design and customer service which were largely very deliberate from inception. Tamberma Restaurant and bar offers a wide range of recipes, cuisines, tasty and healthy foods. The signature Tamberma grilled fish is what every resident of the state needs to taste. The recent introduction of their sumptuous Pizza is definitely well thought out. This well made Pizza got about 100 orders on its first day alone and is beginning to gain traction in the city.

What also makes Tamberma special is the following and loyalty from the expatrate community in the city. It is believed that Tamberma is the family house for most expatrates within the City, where they enjoy the kind of meals they can’t get elsewhere.

In the coming days, Tamberma will be opening the second section of the restaurant where they have African themed private chalets where customers can have more privacy while enjoying their favourite meals.

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