NationRide Taxi Is Doing Big Giveaways This Yuletide Season

My Ibadan people, don’t lose out on the giveaway currently going on this festive season by NationRide. You stand a chance to win smartphones including an Iphone 8+, mini bags of rice, and cash prizes worth up to #200,000, Amazing right? 

All you need to do is, download the NationRide Taxi’s App on Google Play Store, Sign up and credit you wallet with 1000 naira, Simply by crediting the NationRide Cab Technologies Ltd. Zentih Bank account with account number: 1017658549.

How does the NationRide App work? 

Nationride is a user-friendly Application, which eases the mobility of customers within a state (Ibadan), and between states (Ibadan – Lagos) in Nigeria. Nationride responds to orders with no delay, We’re also reliable, convenient, and very affordable in comparison with other ride-hailing agencies.

All you need to do is download, sign up and start ordering you ride with less waiting time. The NationRide is relatively cheap, as the app calculates your trip on a per km basis. The NationRide also runs on a wallet based system, which can be credited and debited when you take rides. 

On the issue of safety, Nationride is very disciplined, as we make sure to do a full background check and vetting of all the drivers which must include, good health reports and no criminal records. Also, Nationride partners with CAR45 to ensure the best working condition and safety of all cars, in compliance with all state Laws. There are no room for compromise in Nationride.

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