Bitbuka will revolutionize food and groceries delivery service in Ibadan- CEO

BitBuka, an online food delivery, grocery shopping, and logistics service is positioned to be on the lips and speed dial of people in Ibadan. Logisitics for food and food items has been a major challenge as vendors and consumers are at the mercy of delivery personnel. In this interview, BitBuka Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Olawale Shogunle shares how his startup plans to improve the situation:

Tell us about Bitbuka?

Bitbuka is a A new brand that deals with delivery services basically food and groceries ,

We have it’s app available on Apple store and also play store which makes it easy for our customers to place an order from any of their favorite vendor and bitbuka o the delivery with the help of the active gps that enables the rider to locate the delivery destination

What was the motivation for launching Bitbuka?

Lol , there is this particular day , my friends and I are hungry and lazy to walk into the kitchen and prepare food, we actually have something to prepare but no one felt like .. So I just thought about what if there’s an app that can allow us to order food right now or website (sheybi e for better),I told a friend about it and one other person which they confirmed that they haven’t seen any app that does this in the city of Ibadan actively, we fell in love with this innovation And we just want to make it happen as soon as we could so we reached out to certain people who have a business mindset and might yes want to be an investor, this is exactly how I thought about this 

Why did you decide Ibadan to set up in Ibadan?

Ibadan people should be the first out of the whole 36 states to enjoy this services because this is where I grew ..It’s lovely here 

What would Bitbuka be doing differently from other food delivery platforms?

For now we have pick up and delivery services , logistics and we have some other service that will be coming up afterwards 

What quality of service can people expect from Bitbuka?

Bitbuka wallet – this wallet allows you to top up your account and also allows you to send money to another Bitbuka user just with their ID ,paying with debit card and we look forward to enabling paypal option ..we also hoping to allow a btc payment gateway BUT this depends on Nigeria decisions against btc fir now .

Tell us about your background, how does it speak to your capacity to pull a project the magnitude of Bitbuka.

I had my Primary  and Secondary schools in Ibadan, learnt some skills and have been trying to keep up with life positively and trying to make things happen for people the little way I could. I never thought I could make this happen as fast but when you are with the right people , things would definitely fall in places just as it should be , with the help of my chairman Mr Adebowale Osungbesan, and support of the operational officer , Mr. Seriki  David , we are progressing and believe to render our service to the people of Ibadan with smooth experience using our website and mobile apps 

What should Ibadan residents expect to experience from Bitbuka service?

They should expect fast approach and delivery service at a cheap rate , fast response with online customer care and safety measures with their food and goods ..

Why did you decide to go with the tagline “as e dey hot”

The tagline is based on the Unique value proposition of speed. We as a brand promise the quickest food delivery… such that you get your delivery almost instantly while you can still observe the steamy hot ness – as e dey hot!

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