Last night, I had cause to leave the office late.

As I approached a popular junction, I observed some bike men parked and some were about parking.

I saw a naked man who obviously had been beaten with blood all over him. I heard some persons say he was a thief while some said he was an armed robber.

Most disturbing was a bike man who parked and asked “shey ole ni, e je ka ba yin pa” meaning is he a thief, let us help you kill him. I observed again that one of the persons there was with a knife.

I immediately left the scene and approached the only Police Post around to request the Police officer on duty to intervene. I introduced myself to the Police officer but he said he could not leave the post and I had to report the case to the Police Headquarters which also houses the nearest police station.

I was furious bearing in mind that the Deborah-Sokoto treatment was about to be melted on a young man. Well, I was not concerned whether he stole or not.

I remembered Mercy Abudu (my partner) had told me about she having the phone number of officers of Amotekun covering different local governments.

I called her to send the list to me and I called that of my local government.

One Akinyemi Michael picked the call and I informed him of what happened. He told me they will get to the scene in few minutes.

About 5 minutes after, I went back to the scene and found 2 Hillux of Amotekun vehicles with many of their officers.

I sought the audience of Mr. Akinyemi Michael and he told me the persons alleged the young man stole a phone. He asked where the phone was and complainant, they said the complainant took his phone and left.

Thank God, Mr. Akinyemi Michael of Amotekun (Ibadan North West) and Mercy Tolulope Abudu for saving a life.

I understand many have lost hope in the Police and Judiciary but we all criticised the same incident in Sokoto few weeks ago.

I know EFCC is selective in their prosecution.

I know the Police may compromise.

I know lawyers may defend and probably persuade the court to get the suspect acquitted. But, we should not turn our society to that of animals.

Written by Boluwatife Sanya



  1. Well done to everyone involved. We can’t keep praying to God for a better Nigeria and turn a blind eye to wrong doings at our levels.

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