The Challenge Park


It is no more news that the sitting government has come under fierce scrutiny and backlashes for investing heavily on construction of car park and bus terminals at challenge, Iwo-Road and Ojoo all in Ibadan the Oyo State capital.

Looking at the infrastructure from another angle, one will appreciate the state’s effort at building structures that will ease movements of people and road users. This majorly is global best practices and conforming with the #sdggoals specifically #sdg11 of sustainable communities.

However, each and every time I drive through this road at Challenge, there is always an occasional delay in the free flow of traffic. No thanks to the micra and Keke drivers obstructing the entrance into the car park where they were designated to pick passengers from.

It is quite unfortunate that we have Oyo State Road Traffic Management Authority (OYRTMA) officials within a touching distance looking at this happening on a daily basis with doing anything to ease movements of other road users. Their attention most times is majorly on the T-Junction looking out for those who break the traffic lights others around the No Parking zone.

Government officials needs to do more by ensuring enforcement in the utilization of some of these facilities built with heavv sum are not under utilized. Having micra drivers line up by the road side, starting from the park entrance all the way down beyond Efunsetan roundabout trying to pick up passengers makes no sense.



Written by Animasaun Ajibola Idris

Public Affairs Analyst and Environmental Enthusiast

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